“The Matrix” meets “Greece 2”: Stock Market Movie Update

Welcome to

The Matrix

where reality doesn’t actually exist.

 Just last Friday  gloom and doom  filled the air as the stock market lost 200 million  points, then gained 600 billion points , then lost 300 trillion points and then wound up almost losing one point , but then the other team was given a “technical” by the referree

 ………and the stock market took a shot at the buzzer and made it……but what a “roller coaster ride” it was

 ………and now , two days later, after at least 35 minutes of monetary stress on the world’s economy,  today’s stock market news was “A Rebound on Wall Street” as investors took heart  that the EU and IMF are  going to loan $960 Billion to debt -ridden nations.

 Maybe it’s me, but how is this good news?

 Didn’t we just learn that when you loan money to people who can’t pay it back, that’s whats called “Bad News “.


 Actually this international monetary thingie isn’t going to be as bad because   when its done,  we’ll all own Greece, as opposed to a 5 bedroom , unsellable McMansion in Cape Coral, Florida.


Greece, btw,  is a lovely country and I guess whenever we visit from now on we’ll all get free Gyros and Kabobs as a thank you.


 In other good monetary news for all of us , the bankers who brokered the deal all got their bonuses this morning …. based on the fact that they loaned the $960 Billion to people who can’t pay it back. Said World Banking Chief, Henry Potter,

   “Jesus H Christ, if we don’t take the bonuses now, we’ll never get them. “

 Wait. I know.

 It’s all BULLSHIT…..

… because you and me and 3 billion other energy suppliers are simply unborn energy sources hanging in fetal bags on many levels , being tended by machines in a future society of international monetary experts all playing a giant game of MATRIX Monopoly and they’re just  making everything up while we generate energy for them.


Well, if thats the case, they could be nice and put Penelope Cruz in the bag next to me so we could, at least, hold hands.

 FYI, according to my wife (bag # 27485hfy78894h0-2),  I’m the bag that generates the most gas, and every year about this time ‘they’ always give me extra feta cheese on my salad…. and , come to think of it, I think that may be the reason why they bailed out Greece right about now.

Bag # 27485hfy78894h0-2 is not happy about it at all.


 So, its a good day for both Wall Street and , as you can plainly see,  all of us now that some phantoms somewhere just  loaned like a trillion bucks to countries who can’t pay it back.

 Might I suggest you make yourself equally happy….. and each of you loan me a couple of grand so that you too can 

“Take Heart in a solid investment”   


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  1. Wake up world. This foolishness is just putting off the inevitable..a BIG BAD CRASH, with a BOOM heard round the world! Take sale down the river De-Nile!

    • Whoops…Take SAIL down the river De-Nile!

  2. Not to worry. Greece is on the skids, as they say.

  3. Another fun blog.

    Having said that. I love the way you say “we” own it all. You actually mean “they” own it all. Just a different “they” to Greece.
    And I suspect if you mentioned that you owned Greece and they should give you free kebobs, you may get a kebob stick where the sun doesn’t shine.

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