A JUicy bit of subliminal gossip

Leviticus, the bible book, was brought up by my non-religious friend Rubinstein . We assumed he was referring to Spartacus’ third cousin, once removed. But he wasn’t.

He brought it up  because he was studying for  a Jewish history class he’s taking . …at a small storefront synagogue in an Irish neighborhood in Cambridge…..a synagogue called Torah Lora Lora.

Okay that part was a pun , but he is taking the course at a small synagogue and the question is “why” since he’s isn’t the slightest bit religious!

So myself and our other buddy John  asked him and, so help me, he answered,” It was last June and my friend Judith who I know from my Ju-Jitsu class asked me if I wanted to go with her to the history class. I don’t know why I said “yes”.

“Hmm”, said our good pal, John the Pagan,”  Let me see. Her name is JUdith, you’re in JU-Jitsu class with her and it was in JUne and you have no idea why you went to the class on JEWish history. Hard to believe you said ‘yes”.

Now we know why!

He’s too easily swayed… Rubinstein is…. because upon further questioning we learned , he yearns  to go to JUneau, his favorite movie is JUmanji 

and he hopes someday to name a son after him,’ JUnior”, but he worries that he might become a JUvenile delinquent.

 His favorite candy is JUJUBees


 …and you get the point .

Obviously JUdith , the Mata Hari of the Martial Arts , knew he could be easily swayed by the  subliminal, as shown in the left foreleg of the camel below from a Camel pack of cigarettes, which Rubinstein now smokes …..


in hopes of humping JUdith. It all ties together .This camel obviously lives in Egypt which is near Israel and , after Rubinstein paid his tuition, that’s where the guy who runs the class left to..with the juition, I mean tuition,  money.

In other words, Egypt him …. and JUdith went with him.

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