Best and Worst of TV

  The very best show on TV began it’s third season Sunday night.

 At 10 pm on Sunday, season 3 of Breaking Bad began on AMC.

Breaking Bad is the best show on TV.  

Breaking Bad has the best acting on TV.

 If you watch TV and don’t watch this series , you deserve to be wearing a scarlet ‘S’ for  “Schmuck”… and don’t complain that “we have a hundred channels and there’s nothing but shit on any of them”.

 Breaking Bad

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makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Yeah, there are commercials.

 Just DVR it, like I do.

AMC is the basic cable station that also gives us Mad Men.

 It’s the place where great shows, usually and stupidly turned down by an increasingly snobby HBO, go to live and be rewarded . Absolutely great TV like Mad Men and Breaking Bad prosper there … while HBO execs gave us “John from  Cinncinnati“,  

 quite possibly the worst show ever on TV created by the normally excellent TV writer ,David Milch,  after mixing tequila, Crispy Cheeto’s, Ex-Lax and raw chicken into a chilled casserole one night. 

Yes, it was worse than ‘My Mother The Car’.


Speaking of TV and cars, there’s a new show coming onto The Travel Channel called

“America’s Worst Driver”.

 Ha Ha Ha. Done laughing yet….Maybe it’ll be a HIT…maybe they’ll hit you and take off your front end make Grandmom a paraplegic.

10 points for a pregnant nun.

That used to be a joke. Now it’s a TV show.


 Here’s the first paragraph from an article in todays’ Boston Globe, “Tricia Lambert drives in reverse on one way streets. Alyssa Carroll pays more attention to the radio than stop signs.Sheryl Faye lets everyone cut in front of her and LeeAnn McDonough never met a speed trap she didn’t like”.

 There are terrific prizes for the runners-up. The winner gets her car blown up and I’m sure plenty of money. The runners-up get new cars.

 Prizes for bad , dangerous, distracted driving in real life for the sake of comedy. Keep it up. How about America’s Best Drunk Driver.  At least , that rewards “The Best” and isn’t “The Best” what America stands for!

Read your Roman history, gang……you remember Rome…at one time, they were an empire and ruled the world with a civilization that worked.

One of the last signs of the Fall of Rome ,

 “Italy’s Worst Chariot Driver”.


Lost VeriZons

There’s an old joke:

How do you cure a Jewish nymphomaniac?

Answer: Marry her.

 In other words, be careful what you wish for ! 

Here’s another old one , from Groucho Marx,

  “I’d never join any group that would have me as a member!”

 And here’s a newer joke:

 How do you become  a Verizon “Elite” customer ?

Answer: Don’t become a customer of Verizon!


In a miracle comparable only to The Red Sea parting,

our current phone, cable  and Internet provider , Comcast, actually came through as I stuck with them while my phone and Internet went off  8 x  over 21 days and after 7 – count ’em – 7 service calls, they amazingly  fixed it … and  gave us  a very heavily discounted month for our troubles , just as they should have, complete with the direct phone numbers of their advanced customer service agents should troubles start again. God bless Kim!.

 But since we were never sure that they could fix it,  we had also called verizon,

 their competitor, and arranged a full installation ( phone, Internet, cable)  for March 1.

 But Comcast fixed it for good so far and so  , just yesterday, we called Verizon and cancelled the installation with an agent who I am sure looked just like this


 BUT THEN….. like magic  we were immediately switched from that agent to  an ‘Elite customer’service agent who I’m sure looked like this …

and who sweetly asked ,  “Since you are an “elite customer” , what can we do to get your business?”.

 Well, since they asked, we suggested a course of action that was ,ahem, favorable to us…and they said they’d get back to us.

But,  here’s the dilemma…I’m not a Verizon customer and I know that the instant that I become a customer of Verizon , I will immediately lose my ELITE  status as a Verizon customer because I would then be a Verizon customer  ……. and frankly, I have come to enjoy my ELITE customer status because I’m not one.


 Verizon trucks which used to whiz by now stop and ask if I need anything at the grocery store. The other day a technician showed up unexpectedly and asked if we needed any jars opened .  A few others offered to walk the dog and if it snows tomorrow, they promised to come shovel. We already have our invite to the Verizon July 4th picnic and they’re going to drive us over and take us back in the bucket on their bucket truck.


 I like being an ELITE customer.

Good customer service is so rare.

Too bad they don’t use it on the customers.

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