Orthodox Jew causes Airline Scare or Welcome to the Bizarro Planet

Typical Jewish terrorist pictured above
A 17-year-old passenger inadvertently caused a scare aboard a US Airways flight from New York to Louisville on Thursday morning. The young flyer, an Orthodox Jew, was wearing an article of clothing that some on the plane feared might be an explosive device.

In reality, it was a simple religious item called phylacteries. Here’s what happened. According to Reuters, another passenger mistook the phylacteries, also called a t’fillin in Hebrew, for a bomb. Phylacteries consist of two leather boxes with straps attached. “Observant Jewish men are required to place one box on their head and tie the other one on their arm each weekday morning.”


Webeneezer still has his old, beat upT’fillin , last used 50 years ago. Now  I need to find a place to refill my little boxes.

 There’s one place to go. 

To a “T’fillin’ Station.  

I never liked Phylactories.

Thats why Mrs Scrooge was on the pill for so many years. I can never open the damn thing fast enough…too much pressure on me.



If a Jew wants to sneak explosives onto a plane, they simply eat cabbage and gefilte fish with horse radish prior to takeoff. Ask my friend, Mrs Klotz about Mr Klotz, if you don’t believe me.  In this case , the actual Jew explodes.

Don’t worry about the phylactories.

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