Got Religion ?

Go over and read the blog called “Obalesque”,  listed to the right in my blogroll  (a  blog roll, btw,  is great with coffee and jam I might add),


 and read about how the Imam’s of Saudi Arabia have declared that a gentleman can get close to a woman who is not his relative by making her a relative , simply by drinking her breast milk.


 Hence “Hey baby, got two nipples for a dime” has become the  hot, new  ‘pick up’ line in Riyadh.

 Ah, religion !

 Last week I watched a show on The Science Channel  called  “Through The Wormhole”  narrated by Morgan Freeman

 whose voice is so reassuring that he could talk you through surgery without anesthetic;  which I beleve is part of The Republican Healthcare Plan.

The subject of this first episode was “Religion vs Science” as to the creator of it all and discussed if they are at all compatible since science is based on mathematical certainty and absolute logic … whereas religion is based on power-hungry, illogical horseshit.


 Great show …. and it talked about how many scientists , paricularly  neurologists,  believe that when man  first realized that he would die …keep in mind we are the only species that understands this……our brain and our neurons and  our synapsis  adjusted  and created the possibility of a  ‘something’ controlling us and the possibility of an afterlife…other wise, what’s the point of it all? .

 It’s the idea that religion is ingrained into the psyche by nature itself ; it being a neurological need to assure survival of the species because, otherwise, knowing you’re going to die…well. we’d all be Woody Allen ! 

 Like his character Alvy Singer said in “Annie Hall”, to paraphrase, ‘What’s the point. In ten billion years, the sun’ll burn out and that’ll be that anyway”.


 Somehow , mentally, we had to cope… we created religion which begat a bunch of murdering, child abusing, women-hating, illogical, power hungry thugs to guide us through it;  going on for 2,000 years now and actually long before …witness Stonehenge.

 “If you build it, He will come”, said the Priests ..or at least the tourists will !

 Hence religions of all shapes and sizes have survived through the ages and to this day we continually fight over who has the better imaginary friend, simply because we stupidly realized we’re all gonna die anyway, which begat the funeral industry.

Enjoy your weekend and your eventual dirt nap.