As you may or may not know , on election day just one week ago, wise Oklahomans smartly voted  YES to prohibit Islamic Sharia Law from ever superceding the laws of their Great State of Oklahoma ……where , thanks to those voters , it is now ensured that only the wind, not crazed Imams, will come ‘whipping’ down the plains to bother the inhabitants.
And its working!
 I am happy to report that on Sunday when The Celtics
  beat The Oklahoma City Thunder ( aka the former Seattle SuperSonics) in Oklahoma City….  the NBA refs , following the new  Oklahoma law, did not use Islamic Sharia Law even once to enforce any NBA rules, although Thunder players did play like they were stoned .
As Stephen Colbert said, Since election Day, thanks to Oklahoma voters, the state  now also prohibits cats from piloting airplanes for the major airlines
and Webennezer notes that ,

 “It is now also illegal to play professional baseball in Oklahoma  if you are a potato”.


Sex and The City-State

From what I’ve been reading, ‘Sex and the City 2″ 

is one of the worst films ever made. I hear it makes another film about the desert, ISHTAR, seem like ‘Citizen Kane’


 Insulting to Moslems for no reason, it’s the story of four materialistic New Yawk City  middle aged women going to, of all places, Abu Dhabi where , I guess,


girls just want to have fun  and getting ‘stoned’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Its the perfect place for liberated females.

and while there , why not do what we all do…. spend zillions on your wardrobe, drive around in $500,000.00 Maybach-mobiles ,

 and just plain get into an Arab state of mind .

 The producers were going to change the name to “Sex and The City-State “, but good thing they didn’t  because, after reading the script, Abu Dhabi’s government  said

 “Film it somewhere else or we will take the four whores and execute them!

 So they did film it elsewhere,  with Morocco playing the role of Abu Dhabi and  Osama Bin Laden as ” Achmed , The Pool Boy”.

  The girls  spend money for the sake of spending money to show you how much fun it is to spend money, if you had any to spend.

 Oh, what the fuck, spend like the girls do, girls,  and  spend ten bucks and see the movie. Waste your time and for fun, call your Maybach dealer and ask if air conditioning is standard.

That’s  the Abu Dhabi way. 

 and its basically  saying , “Fuck you” because in real life, you aren’t the girls…’re the help they’d hire !

But why journey all the way to Abu Dhabi to see females spending wildly. Let’s talk about the democratic process or, as Playboy might have put it,

 “The Girls of Connecticut and California”.

 In Connecticut, Republican Senate candidate Linda MacMahon spent $16.5 million of her own money to defeat long-term good guy Congressman  Rob Simmons  to try and replace  retiring Democrat, Chris Dodd, he of the hair and the bullshit. Ms. MacMahon was an executive of the World Wrestling Federation founded by her husband Vince. Simmons admitted he couldn’t compete against that kind of spending . All this for a $174,000.00 a year job .


 And its happening in California’s gubanatorial  race as well as  former E Bay chairperson, Meg Whitman has spent $81 million of her own money to date  to have the opportunity to go up against Jerry Brown for the Governor’s chair, a $210,000.00 a year job.  Turns out she rarely voted. Now she wants you to vote for her. 

 This ain’t democracy ,gang, it’s bullshit ! Like the movie !

It’s an age of excess and where are ‘We The People’ calling these two and all the others to task for buying their elections.


That’s a lot of money that the girls are spending.

Like you, I can’t wait to see what they spend on the general election and I understand  that if they win they’ll be taking us all to Abu Dhabi.


Mitt Mitt Bo Bit, Banana Fanna Fo Fit

Mitt Romney , my former Governor and fellow resident of Massachusetts offers “No Apology” in his new book which, coincidentally is entitled, “No Apology”.
The book title makes  sense  to me .
 How many lying , two-faced, self-serving  politicians do you know who have ever offered an apology for anything?
 And frankly , he can’t apologise for several reasons:
1  You’d need a 24 hour  “All Mitt/All The Time ” cable station to accomodate this . For example, after living in Massachusetts and raising his kids here, the first thing he said after serving  as our Governor , back when he started campaigning for Prez in South Carolina, “I’m glad to be out of Massachusetts and back in America!”
2. He’s changed his positions on things so many times he’d be apologising for both sides of the same issue.
 and he’ll give you the  answer you want!
For example, he’d have to apologise to the NRA’ers for lying about being a firm believer in gun rights as a life long hunter which he isn’t … while apologising to the non-NRA’ers for lying about being a hunter for his whole life which he said he was … in order to gain the votes of the NRA’ers … even though he only hunted twice in his life… the first time  for rabbit when he was a young lad
… and the second time for votes.
3. Then he’d have to apologise to two well-known avid hunters; Mr.  Fudd….and  Dick Cheney, who he shouldn’t have to apologise to since he is an arch -conservative too , oh wait, yes he should….. because Mitt  isn’t ,or at last wasn’t, since he ran for Governor of Massachusetts as a social  liberal all for reproductive rights which he is against now, sucking all the life out of the support he could get from the pro-choice people,much like the vacuum used for abortions, by being pro-choice when he needed it.
Then he went pro-life which he is now, i.e., today, til further notice.  
4. The  warrior prince also should apologise for never serving in the Armed Forces but happily sending others to defend America … and he should also  apologise to America’s armed forces for this statement when he was asked in 2008 , “Why, if you are backing the Iraq war, haven’t you encouraged your sons to serve?
Mitt’s heroic response, “They’re serving their country by helping me get elected president?”
Tell that to the soldiers on the IED disposal teams !
So by his standard, I’m  serving the country too … by writing this.
Don’t believe a word this ‘constantly re-inventing himself’, six-faced politico says ! He’s nothing but the rich son of a rich man with a chiseled jaw who wears magic underwear and has too much time on his hands.
And if he asks me to apologise;
Sorry, Slick Willard, NO APOLOGY .